1.8 Consumer Information Privacy Policy

CRA shall have a Consumer Information Privacy Policy detailing the purpose of the collection of consumer information, the intended use, and how the information will be shared, stored and destroyed. The CRA shall post this policy on its Web site, if it has one, and will make said policy available to clients and/or consumers upon request in at least one other format.

ApplicantSafe /TenantSafe LLC Compliance

  • We have a written Consumer Information Privacy Policy. This document specifically address the following:
    • The purpose of the collection of consumer information,
    • The intended use, and
    • How the information will be shared, stored and destroyed.
  • We have posted the Consumer Information Privacy Policy on our website and documented the other method(s) by which we will provide the policy to consumers or clients.

Consumer Information Privacy Policy

ApplicantSafe /TenantSafe LLC is a consumer reporting agency. It is required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. §1681 et seq. (“FCRA”) to maintain the confidentiality of all consumer information.

ApplicantSafe /TenantSafe LLC obtains information on an individual consumer only upon the request of a user who has a permissible purpose under the FCRA to request information on that consumer in order to provide consumer reports. The FCRA requires a user for employment purposes to certify to us that it has a permissible purpose for the report and has obtained the written consent of the consumer to request information before we can supply the requested information. The user must submit to reasonable audits by us to confirm that it is, in fact, obtaining such consents. All users must certify that they have a permissible purpose to request a report such as credit, insurance, and renting an apartment. Our customers agree to keep your information confidential and secure.

ApplicantSafe /TenantSafe LLC does not maintain a database of consumer information.

Any information gathered on any consumer may only be provided to the user authorized by the consumer or permitted by the FCRA or similar state law to receive the information. We cannot and do not share, sell or distribute consumer information with or to any third party other than the requesting party thereof. Any consumer, upon proper identification, has the right under the FCRA to request us to furnish to the consumer any and all information we may have on that consumer. The consumer has the right to dispute the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the consumer’s file.
However, we may be required, upon receipt of a court order to release the information in civil litigation, or as otherwise required by law, to disclose information regarding a consumer to law enforcement agencies.

If you have any questions regarding our policy, you may contact our Chief Privacy Officer at:

Email: ___________Info@applicantsafe.com____________________

Telephone: _____732-942-1331 ext. 111______________

Mailing Address:_____310 Second Street , Lakewood NJ 08701______

Other privacy initiatives and procedures includes:

  • Access to confidential consumer information is limited within ApplicantSafe /TenantSafe LLC to those who have a need to know the information: obtaining and transmitting information on the consumer or those dealing with a consumer request for information or consumer disputes.
  • Access to ApplicantSafe /TenantSafe LLC’s computer terminals, file cabinets, fax machines, trash bins, desktops, etc. are secure from unauthorized access.
  • ApplicantSafe /TenantSafe LLC maintains a secure network to safeguard consumer information from internal and external threat.
  • Any backup data is maintained in an encrypted form.
  • ApplicantSafe /TenantSafe LLC maintains records on each request for information and identifies each user who requested information on a consumer.
  • Employees are prohibited from “browsing” files or databases without a business justification.
  • Destruction of consumer information follows the Federal Trade Commission’s requirements that the information be unreadable upon disposal.