Understanding the mindset and retaining millennials has been a hot topic of discussion for HR professionals for a while. The Millennial generation however, is inching toward middle age and Generation Z is taking their place. Members of Generation Z, or Gen Z, were born roughly between 1997 and 2012 and have begun graduating college and entering the workforce.

Generation Z is unique in that they are the first generation to be 100% digitally native. That is, they are the first to be born into a completely digital world. This fact has wired their brains to take in countless amounts of information simultaneously and instantaneously. Gen Z is the first group of job seekers who have never known the world without the speed and constant influx of digital interaction. They are stepping into the workforce familiar with self-service online tools and AI-enabled virtual assistants. Since the world is constantly inundated with more and more information, companies are seeking employees who can keep up. This is where Gen Z can step in.

We have been experiencing an historically low unemployment rate to the point that employers are desperate to fill positions as quickly as possible. In order to connect with Generation Z, it is important to create the kind of candidate experience that will engage them and entice them to join a company. Employers are encouraged to speed up the interview process as much as possible and to give the candidates the high-tech experience they are seeking. This can be accomplished by using interviewing technology that gives their candidates choice and control like AI-enabled virtual hiring assistants, automated scheduling and on-demand interviews.

Generation Z may just become the most independent generation yet. They grew up with almost any question immediately answered using Google and troubleshooted home and technical problems by watching YouTube tutorials without needing to rely on parents or real techies to help them. This has resulted in their increased independence and they are starting to work seeking entrepreneurship, promotions, ability to voice their opinions, virtual teams and flexible work schedules.

Employers, embrace Gen Z’s independence and allow them to soar! With their quick problem-solving abilities and can-do attitudes, they are sure to be tremendous assets to any team they are part of. So, open your doors wide and allow Gen Z to add yet another layer to today’s multigenerational teams.

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