Social Media screening is a rising trend for both employers and landlords. The information easily accessible on social media platforms can provide a detailed assessment of an applicant including lifestyle, employment history, the company people keep and more. It can reveal potential workplace or leasing concerns such as violent or illegal behavior, demonstrations of racism or intolerance, and more that wouldn’t be found on a typical background check.

ApplicantSafe is proud to present our Social Media Search, a digital footprint investigation of your candidates, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Use our FCRA compliant searches, created with candidate privacy in mind, ensuring that hiring managers are not viewing an applicant’s private life or violating discrimination laws when making hiring decisions. Our searches, which focus on safety, protect your employees and clients, as well as company reputation.

In response to the many questions and inquiries we have received about our Social Media Report, we present some FAQs about the report.


Q: What is a Social Media Report?

A: A Social Media Report searches the web to find all online presence. Over 150 sites including Facebook, Google+, MySpace, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are scanned, and all sites that are confirmed as belonging to the applicant are listed on the report. The report also details any negative behaviors belonging to the applicant.

Q: What negative behaviors does the Social Media Report look for?

A: Content matched to candidates will be reviewed and flagged for the following behaviors ONLY: Potentially Unlawful Activity, Potentially Violent Behavior, Racism, Demonstrations of Intolerance, Sexually Explicit Material. This is beneficial because our review and Social Media Report respect your candidate’s privacy and alleviates your employees from reviewing content that could lead to accusations of discrimination or violations of freedoms.

In cases where the social search on a candidate results in no flagged content, they will have a “No Pertinent Information” comment displayed on their report.

Q: How is  Racism or Intolerant content defined in the Social Media Report?

A: Participation in groups or discussion boards, photos or videos, verbiage or behavior that is potentially derogatory/intolerant against or towards a protected group of people. Protected groups are defined by federal and state discrimination laws.

Q: How is the report performed?

A: Candidate are researched using a proprietary software that performs a digital footprint investigation. Sourcing the entire Internet, not just a short list of sites, it makes use of Personally Identifiable Information, usually the information provided on a resume. Using proximity matching, the search includes any aliases in conjunction with the candidate’s legal name. A “match” is determined by a combination of information provided. For example, an email address is considered a positive match. First and last name must be combined with other provided information such as date of birth, education or an image for a positive match. From there, the report is created and reviewed by 3-tiers of experienced Fair Credit Reporting Act certified analysts.

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